2002 April:

June Pelo: I've received some mail asking about May 1 which is May Day - Walborg's Day. Here are some URLs which tell how the holiday originated and how it's celebrated.

2002 March:

For anyone who is interested, I have a picture of a Finnish orchestra in Toronto, Canada that was taken sometime in the late 1920s or 30s. The people shown in the photo are:
Jim Nelson, Almori Kingelin, Aimo Kingelin, Aro Kingelin, Violet Sulmiren, Sulo Latva, Lauri Latva, Sulo Hypponen, Osmo Kolkka, Esko Makela, Erike Makela, Eini Kinsala, Arthur Kivinen, John Leech. Those who were members of the orchestra, but are not shown, were Kocko Kalestdt, Allan Sands, Aro Sands, Irja Lujanen, George Salmen.
The names may not be spelled correctly as the picture was labeled by my grandmother, who was not Finnish. Unfortunately, it is also difficult to tell what name belongs to who. If you are interested, I would gladly email you a copy of the photo.

2002 February:

A free genealogy program with a clear graphic family tree interface: download, HV
An Answer to Veijonen: You can also get a free program from
Veijonen: Tuli vielä toinenkin palaute, jossa sukututkimuksen nimissä ohjataan mormonikirkon sivuille.

RAUHAN TERVEHDYS, by Alicia in Michigan
I just bought 18 issues of Rauhan Tervehdys (Greeting of Peace) newspaper.They were from the Apostolic Lutheran Church in Calumet, Michigan.The dates are from 1949 to 1952. Some of the issues contain obits.Since they are all in Finnish it will take a bit of time but once i have all the death notices written down i will post an email with the names.Those who wish to have a scanned copy of one can email me.These contain obits from other places also.These do not have obits of every person who was a member of the church. Alicia in Michigan.

I'm seeking the family relations and descendants of Helena (Leena) Saikon born Sept 2, 1848 (she is my Great Grandmother). She married Mikko Hentunenin in Taipalsaari and then they moved to Lappeenranta 1884. Together Mikko and Leena had 8 children, Antti, Josefina, Iida, August, Hilda, Vilhelmina, ** Fanny Alina, and Dagmar. As a widow she move to Laape in July 11, 1918. ** Fanny Alina married John Emil Päiviön of Viipuri's Swedish Society on Jan 24, 1915 and moved to Viipuri. What is the Viipuri Swedish Society? A Swedish settlement in Viipuri Finland? Thank you to anyone who can help with information. Bethanne deTraci,

2002 January:

I am wondering if anyone has heard of "Auttaja", an old weekly newspaper of the Finnish American Ev. Lutheran Church in Michigan. I would like to locate the archives for this newspaper, since I'm looking for a particular letter published the Auttaja in the 1930's. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can find the archives, or if they have been kept? I do know that the "Auttaja" was founded in 1905 in Ironwood. Some issues of Auttaja are in the holdings of the Immigration History Research Center, Finnish American Collection, at the University of Minnesota. Check the following webpage:
" The IHRC holds extensive runs of several Finnish American periodicals. Among them are Amerikan Uutiset (The American News, previously Minnesotan Uutiset), ca. 1933-86; Cooperative Builder (previously Cooperative Pyramid Builder), ca. 1926-82; Auttaja (The Helper), ca. 1918, 1926, 1931, 1947-64; Raivaaja (The Pioneer), ca. 1905-present; and Tyomies-Eteenpain (Worker-Forward), ca. 1909-1998." , It appears that they have years 1918, 1926, 1931, 1947-1948, 1950-1951, 1953-1964 in their collection. (DH)
The newspaper "Auttaja" is archived at: Finnish-American Historical Archives Finnish-American Heritage Center Atten: Mary Beth Knuuttila Finlandia University Hancock, Michigan 49930 (906)487-7347 phone: 906-487-7347 email:
I can't offer any advice locating old issues of Auttaja. I was simply surprised to see a posting on this subject. My father worked as a proofreader and lynotype operator for the paper years ago. He's 82 now but I would guess it was in the 1950s and/or 60s. Seeing some of the other responses, I may take a peak too, out of curiosity. Thanks! Kevin.
Links: Finnish Newspapers and Periodicals in Michigan , Finnish American Collection,