Harri Veijonen: My town Lappeenranta

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LAPPEENRANTA is 141 Miles Northeast of Helsinki.

Having been caught in a tog-o-war between Sweden and Russia in the 17th and 18th centuries, Lappeenranta is filled with interesting historic landmarks. It is one of Scandinavia's most popular summer resorts and spas.

Main Sights: Lappeenranta Fortress, SouthKarelian Museum, Art Museum, Cavalry Museum, Market Place. Church without churches in Internet, New Betania- Church (Armilankatu 31), Vapaakirkko-Church (Koulukatu 28), Metodistikirkko and Yhteiskristilliset (Parkkarilankatu 10).

Hotels: Hotel Lappee Addr: Brahenkatu 1 Ph:358 05/5861 , Cumulus Lappeenranta Valtakatu 31 Ph:358 05/57-81 , Grand Hotel Patria Kauppakatu 21 Ph: 358 05/5751 Gasthaus Joutseno Addr: Saimaantie 16, Joutseno Ph:358-05-4132327

In the middle ages Lappeenranta was a place where fairs ware held. Hunters arrived along the water-courses from the far-off provinces of Häme and ever Pohjanmaa to trade their game for the salt and iron of the merchants from Viipuri.

The site was given town rights in 1649 by Pietari Brahe and Queen Christina of Sweden granted it arms and free trade rights 1652. The town was first called Lappstrand according to Lappvesi, a part of Lake Saimaa lying near the town, but it was later changed to Villmanstrand according to the wild man in the coast-of-arms. This is still the Swedish name of Lappeenranta.

In Lappeenranta from Lake Saimaa to Viipuri is Saimaa Canal ( Saima Kanal på svenska) and I am living in Mustola. Mustola in Lappeenranta is also the Port.

I have the little bussiness called Urheilukirppis in Kauppakatu 25 and later in Koulukatu 25 in the centre of town. Harri Veijonen